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Can you teach children to live a mindful, conscientious life? Of course you can. Here's how!

This delightfully illustrated book for children is purposefully designed to increase the awareness of children for their varied experiences and the emotional responses that accompany such things. Even the storybook will make children aware of the mind-body connection. The images and words are equally encouraging throughout. Every child should enjoy the simple flow of the storyline and want to hear it again and again. For parents who familiar with the basics of mindfulness, there are plenty of opportunities to pause and encourage reflection by the child, directing their thoughts toward what the drawing and the accompanying words convey.

The author has included a guide for parents and educators to use with the child. This adds an experiential element to learning. The children who have access to this book will not just read or look at pictures; they will respond with actions, reflection, discussion, and involvement with each element. This will also build bonds between the parent and child as they learn together.

In BeeYOUtiful, children will not just learn. They will change. Changes of attitudes and actions can be anticipated for children involved in this special learning exercise. Don't miss this opportunity to awaken your child to the reality of being true to themselves and discovering the unique qualities that make them special.

July 19
Lead to Love
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