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1987: It is the little things that trigger the event sending pregnant Annabelle Waring unknowingly back 44 years. Waking in a WWII Navy barracks, she is certain of only one thing; she is in labor. The sailors in the barracks, the nurses at Roper Hospital, and 1943 Charleston leads her to believe she is crazy, that what she remembers is a society she is making up in her head. Is she a physic, a fore-teller of the future, or just plain loony?

1943: Anne’s hold onto lunacy is her newborn, Elizabeth, and the friendship of a Charleston police officer and his mother. Anne is also befriended by her Doctor, a spy for Adolf Hitler, and the first to learn who Anne really is and her knowledge of something called nuclear physics.

Months into Anne’s crazy adventure, the doctor’s home is burglarized. The thief’s later apprehension reveals the doctor’s German connection, and that Anne is not as crazy as she thought. The spy flees and communicates Anne’s potential asset in the war to his U-boat contact. His kidnap attempts fail. With her knowledge, Anne knows that being presented to Hitler could change history, and thus erase her own existence. That would be impossible. Whatever she does, it must be to maintain history as it has happened. She concludes that she must meet with Robert Oppenheimer, of the Manhattan Project. With help from the Charleston Naval Shipyard commander, she does in fact meet with Oppenheimer, just hours before the first attempt to bring her back to 1987.
The meeting is successful, but the trip home is not. The spy captures her just minutes after she is able to send Elizabeth home. He takes her to a beach house to be picked up by the U-boat. While waiting Anne speculates on the spy. Something about him has eluded her since the beginning. It is his disguise and a trick of light that triggers the memory. He is her grandfather. With that and other genealogical facts she knows, she understands that he doesn’t know that his daughter, her mother, has already been born. Somehow he must switch sides; he will become Samuelson Frick, American citizen. She tries telling him in a round-about way. He throws her across the room in his anger. Soon after, the German sailors arrive and carry them out to the waiting submarine. On the way she tells him he is a father. He scoffs and tells her to shut up. At the boat, the captain barks an order and a man steps out with a rifle. She throws herself in front of her grandfather, taking his bullet, and sending them both overboard. Bleeding from her bullet wound, Anne struggles ashore and back to the beach house. She drives away in his car, her goal to make it to the pickup point by the final scheduled attempt to bring her home.

1987: Steven, Anne’s Husband, and team are joined by the now old James Lamric, and the officers of Broad Horizons, the company that assembled the group to research and develop the time travel machine. They are CEO and founder, Samuelson Frick, and a group of people whose lives Anne touched in some way in 1943. They all rejoice over Elizabeth’s arrival and fret over whether Anne will make it or not. Even her grandfather doesn’t know that last part. Anne does make it; however, she dies upon her arrival.

2001: Elizabeth Anne, Annie, celebrates her fourteenth birthday. As intelligent as her mother, she makes a declaration and a wish. She declares that like her mother she will be accepted to MIT, but before she turns sixteen. Her birthday wish is to learn exactly how her mother died.

“An automobile accident in, South Carolina,” Her father stutters.

Annie has done her research. There is no evidence of such an accident, or of her birth. She tells her dad of her visit with Great-grandmother Frick, and the object retrieved from Grandmother’s jewelry box, the bullet that killed her mother. She presents her research and her evidence to her father and soon learns what really happened the night she was born, and the night her mother died.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 23
James Paddock
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