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“We’ll call it Bliss!.” With those words. A new drug epidemic was born. As JJ a college student studying chemical engineering is forced to change his life’s direction after a run in with the law, decides to roll the dice and comes up with an idea to create “Bliss” a new synthetic super drug. While him and his friend George create other illicit drugs such as “molly” to finance research and development of Bliss. He finds an angle to supply an undeveloped but prosperous drug world in his college town, as well as supply close associates in his home town the Windy City.  
While Him and George continue to pump out Molly and pursue the development of Bliss, fate brings another key player into what makes this drug so hard to come by but yet so satisfying to get Smurf a gangster from south Chicago, knows two things in life, one make money and two don’t get killed while doing it. 
With JJ teaching Smurf education and Smurf showing JJ the ropes in the streets, the duo team up In the den of the Chicago drug trade, and take on the notorious drug world in the Windy City, with the help of the Chicago drug cartel, create what the world will soon know as the next big drug epidemic. This urban fiction novel is far from irrelevant, using real life situations, to create a realistic experience to which everyone can relate too. 
If you have an urban fiction book list, the Bliss series novels should definitely be on it, with the mixing of American Crime Series and hood novels, this shows the mean Chicago street life, intertwined with the education life to create an empire that is force to be reckoned with! 

The Question is: “Are you Ready?”

Fiction & Literature
January 1
Draft2Digital, LLC

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