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Ten years. Ten endless years I've waited to destroy the man who tore my family apart. But I never thought I 'd get the chance...until his daughter walked into my tattoo parlour, looked me in the eye—and had no damned clue who I was.

I never planned on falling for Cassandra Deighton. She's silk scarves and manicures. I'm scars and rage. Yet I can't resist when she begs for more, my ice queen who burns with enough heat to sear the soul.

I need to end this. Before she finds out who I am. Before she gets hurt.

But I'm not the only one with secrets. We both have our scars, and if the truth comes out, we could lose everything...

July 11
Sherilee Gray
Smashwords, Inc.

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~Mindy Lou~ ,

4.5 Stars!

Beg For You is a spicey opposites attract love story between a good girl and the boy from the wrong side of the tracts. Their worlds are so far apart and yet the connection is instant. Cal struggles with wanting revenge against her father who caused a lot of damage to his family and just plain wanting Cassy for the beautiful woman she has become.

Cassy doesn't care that Cal isn't someone her father approves of. She is tired of living her life for him and longs to be selfish for once. When she meets Cal at the tattoo parlor, she only expected to want to cover the scars that cover her back, not to fall in love with the man who has scars of his own.

Cal was an easy hero to fall for. He's big, quiet and more honorable than he gives himself credit for. Cassy is one of the sweetest heroines. She could easily have been a snobby woman with her background but she lives more in guilt over her brother's car accident. Her father has used that guilt for years to keep tight control over her.

Despite the obstacles in their path, I really enjoyed this pairing. I like to see how far a hero will go to to keep the woman he loves. If Bull's story is next, I expect it will be just as delicious!

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