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A completely inappropriate romantic comedy. Side effects may include clutching your pearls and laughing until you almost choke. Now a USA TODAY bestseller!

My cock a doodle doo is on strike.

Yeah I know, I can’t believe it either. Years of perfect performance and now this traitor decides to get picky. And the only woman who makes him stand up and crow is my co-worker. Rival, she-devil and my competition for the biggest ad account this side of the Atlantic.

When I find out she’s never taken a trip to O-town, we make a little wager. Not only will I win the client, but I’ll prove to her that multiple’s are NOT a myth.

We work together all day and fight between the sheets all night. But somewhere along the way, I discover that winning isn’t enough.

Editorial Reviews

“Absolutely LOVED the book! It was so much fun to read.” - Michelle C., a long-time fan of Minx’s.

“This is really something.” - Minx’s mom

“The best thing I’ve ever written! (sorry about all the f-bombs, Mom! And the dick confetti!)” - M. Malone, NYT & USAT Bestselling Author

"Sizzling hot RomCom at it's finest! Minx keeps you laughing and warms your heart like no one else can!" -- Nana Malone, USA Today Bestseller, Minx's BFF, sometimes co-author and obviously completely unbiased.

“Congrats. Did you want whipped cream?” - Grumpy Barista at Starbuck’s (after I told him I have a new book available.)

March 13
CrushStar Romance

Customer Reviews

Izzibear ,

Delightfully Fun and Light Read

I enjoyed Beg Me. In this office romance Milo and Mya go from being enemies competing for the same account to lovers. Their journey is fun, steamy and very entertaining. If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh out loud I would recommend giving this book a read.

Traediva ,

Love Milo!!!!!

What separates this love story from others, they don’t walk away before saying how they feel! So many romance stories they would walk away knowing they’re in love, but willing to take that heat break. It leaves me frustrated sometimes. Milo comes back and keeps coming back. Milo is my dream man. His nonchalant attitude, his protectiveness for Mya. All of it makes you want your own Milo. Mya growth is what ever woman wishes for herself. And it is amazing when someone you can share your heart and life with is the one to help you reach that growth.

charlligirl ,

Typical HEA but with a few new twists

Typical HEA but with a few new twists.

Supposedly Milo cannot get it up with any woman other than Mya, yet he doesn't try anything to fix the problem. And Mya was jilted by her ex-fiancee, but she doesn't move on. Until one night in Vegas (cue sappy music).

After being jilted, I found it hard to believe that she trusted Milo so easily. And he was in the same boat after Tessa, yet he went bareback with her almost immediately. Really ...

Now, I love Ariana. She is a hoot and definitely a girls bestie. I hope she gets a book of her own soon. I can only imagine the havoc she could wreak. The margarita scene was classic. I wish there had been more time with her.

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