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The urgent need for this book has been recognized for some time now, but it remained for Mario Farina to finally write it.
Strange as it seems, up to now there hasn't been much written for the novice who has never invested before, something that explains step-by-step just how to go about investing in common stocks, with a definite method that gives you the best of it for the long pull.
There are probably a thousand books that explain some esoteric facet of investment or trading, but just about all of them assume the reader has a fairly high level of stock market sophistication. There was a glaring gap -- and Mr. Farina has filled it with this little book.
Let there be no mistake. This is not a "sophisticated" book for the advanced stock marketer. But it is an extremely sound book. Farina, page by page, explains the exact steps you should take to accumulate a portfolio which, over a period of time, can be a very substantial nest egg -- providing you can contribute at least $1,000 a year to your investments. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, just very sound investment principles perhaps never before so clearly explained for people who have never invested before. It is written in non-technical language that any stock market beginner can easily grasp.
Did we say this book was not "sophisticated?" Perhaps we did, but Mr. Farina presents the reader with a new measuring device. It provides a measure of value of a stock that even the most esteemed professional traders will find is definitely an asset in stock evaluation. He calls this device: PEG. While a simple concept, it took Farina to codify it. PEG, along is easily worth the price of this book.
One last point. If the advanced investor has ever sought the one book to give to his wife or interested older children to initiate them into the arcane ways of the stock market -- this book is the answer.
We found it eye-opening -- and we think you will too!

Business & Personal Finance
April 19
Mario V. Farina
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