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You know that book that keeps you up at night, turning the pages as your eyes burn – and you tell yourself just one more chapter, then another and another, knowing you'll pay for it in the morning, but you Just. Keep. Reading.

This is that book. This is that trilogy.

He's broken. Her world is falling apart. Neither believes they will trust again.

Lincoln Fraser's hiding out. His girlfriend cheated on him, he blew a major account at work, and now he's lying to everyone he loves. After months of chugging craft beer and waking up filthy and alone, he's ready to pack his bags and head to the woods. Literally.

Kali Johnson feels stuck. Her husband's gone, her son won't talk, and she's living in a mold-filled apartment that's about to be condemned. Things couldn't get worse … until she hears the scurry of little feet in the night. Now she starts her days by checking traps for dead rats.

When a freak accident places Kali and her son in Lincoln's path, a split-second decision alters their lives forever.

Thought-provoking and brutally honest, complex and deep, Behind Our Lives, Book One in the Behind Our Lives Trilogy, will grip you, breaking your heart at every turn. "Once you start reading, you won't put it down."  

Don't believe me? The quote above comes from Sandra Landry, a reader who happened upon my book, kind of like you just did.

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Still not sure if you want to buy? The world is full of books, so why should you want this one?

Well, maybe you don't.

If you like characters who seem like paper doll cut outs—you know exactly what to expect from them—practically perfect people living practically perfect lives, and everything gets wrapped up nicely in the end, the way life is ... never, then this book isn't for you.

However, if you want a character you can see yourself in, even the not so great parts of yourself, if you want human frailties, realistic people in realistic situations, and if you won't shy away when those people or situations get a little ugly—say when you'd like to give Kali a smack or tell Lincoln to smarten up already—then this is the book for you.

Because the truth is, you may not like the characters in this book all the time.

You may even hate them.

But if you've read this far and your interest is still piqued, I think they'll grip you.

Still not sure? How about a comparison.

Love This Is Us?

It's a TV drama (also on Netflix) full of characters who definitely don't have it together. They're prideful and stubborn and mess up. A lot.

They've got baggage, and not chic, designer baggage. This luggage is worn in. It's tattered, kinda stinks.

But, as the story unfolds, you get where they're coming from. You see that with all their faults, they're also kind and generous and loyal.

They're doing the best they can with the lives they've been given and, in some circumstances, the lives they created for themselves.

That's Kali and Lincoln.

Prideful, stubborn, deeply wounded and so long as you don't succumb to the occasional urge to throw the book across the room, hard not to love.

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December 8
Coastal Lines
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

gypsytoo ,

Behind our Lives

Ms. Carr has once again drawn me in as a reader with her characters. Lincoln and Kalli were an unlikely pair to become friends, and yet you understand why they are drawn to each other, and you root for them, as well as her son Theo. In looking at them and the choices they have made in their lives, as the reader it also makes you think about your own interactions with others in your own life. She definitely reinforces the thought that life isn't always easy or uncomplicated when it comes to choices.

The author says that this is the beginning of a trilogy, and I am looking forward to continuing their journey with them. There is much that can still be uncovered about them and their relationships, not only with each other, but with the members of their families.

I received an advance copy of this book for an honest review.

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