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BEHIND PHOTOGRAPHS: ARCHIVING PHOTOGRAPHIC LEGENDS began as the personal quest of photographer Tim Mantoani, who spent over five years shooting portraits of 150 photographers, each holding their most iconic or favorite image. The project was shot using a series of rare and mammoth 20x24 Polaroid view cameras and includes such photographers as Elliott Erwitt, Mary Ellen Mark, Steve McCurry, Neil Leifer, William Wegman and Nick Ut.

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December 1
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Customer Reviews

Dave Brenner ,

I wish this eBook had higher resolution images

I'm torn, this is a beautiful book and very interesting...however when I magnified the pictures to read the handwritten notes along the bottom the text was pixelated and hard to read. Maybe an iPad isn't the best way to display these beautiful images.

Just something to be aware of before you purchase. I would hope the publisher update this ebook and add higher resolution photographs.

Skippy454 ,

iBook version is a letdown - terrible image resolution

I echo the sentiment of the other reviewer commenting on the images' resolution. When I saw that the already expensive print version had sold out, I thought the iBook would be a nice alternative. Unfortunately zooming in to the picture to look at finer detail introduces a mess of pixelation. This is especially annoying because all the photographs have hand written notes from the subjects - it's relatively impossible to read any of the script.

Save your nickels and dimes and by the print version instead.

RC 67 ,

This book is phenomenal!

This book is phenomenal. Tim Mantoani does an amazing job of using this monster of a camera and medium to produce an incredible volume of stunning work.

Tim’s talent as an artists shines in this medium. Because of the size and expense of the 20x24 images being created, one would expect impersonal snapshots. What we get from Mantoani instead are very personal and beautiful portraits of these well known photographers and their iconic images.

This body of work is not only a definitive “who’s who” of modern 20th century photography, it is an important piece of art history. This iBook along with the original prints, reproductions and printed traditional books will remain significant pieces in museums, galleries and personal collections throughout time.