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Everything isn’t always what it seems. . . behind the lens.

From drug cartels to classified information, Cliff knows a thing or two about secrets.
As a part of an underground government reconnaissance team, he’s seen it all.
Until his latest mission.

Making mistakes isn’t an option for people like Alexis.
From group homes to moving around with the FBI, her feet never hit solid ground.
One wrong move and suddenly her life isn’t just in chaos— it’s in jeopardy.
Running for her life lands her in the arms of the first and only man ever to give her a reason to stay.

It’s been two years since he’s seen her, but it only takes him a split second to know that this time she’s not getting away.
Cliff puts his training to use and his life on the line to protect Alexis. . . and make her his.

March 5
Renee Harless
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Romance213 ,

“She is his undoing and she doesn’t even know it.”

I am so excited that Renee Harless has decided to revisit Carson, NC, with her new series, Home in Carson. I am a huge fan of her Coming to Carson series and I had always wondered what had happened to our favorite couples, and if anything had changed in the quaint and friendly, southern town. Her new book “Behind the Lens”, is a romantic and suspenseful tale of two people whose careers had been shrouded in secrecy and danger who come together in a time of urgency and desperation, to become each other’s salvation. Cliff was a former Army Ranger who was as tough as they come, but under his gruff exterior, lied a thoughtful and passionate man. He tried to keep the darkness of his past at bay, but sometimes the nightmares returned, a grim reminder of what he had done. Being with Alexis had calmed his restless soul and helped to scare away the demons that haunted him. He vowed to always keep her safe and now that she was back in his life, he would never let her go. Cliff may not think he deserved happiness and a family but he will always love Alexis, and he was looking forward to more beautiful and sunny mornings with her by his side.

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