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Behind the Scenes—The Heart of the Matter volume 4 (God Cleansing My Insides, Me Facing Truth about Myself) is just what this book is about. The Lord began to do a deep cleansing of my insides, the inward sins that was killing me. The inward hatred and unforgiveness that was fueling my bad behavior. The issues that made my spirit sick and flesh weak. And when He began to do His work in me, I had to face the real truth about myself—that I was no good for anything or anyone. I appeared to be very happy, nice, and helpful but I knew everything I said, did, or thought was distorted. My motives were all clouded and wrong. They all were coming from a place of falseness, it wasn’t real because I wasn’t real. I was detached emotionally and physically from everything and everyone. You can be making and having babies, married, working, and helping people, while being detached from it all. Read how the Lord Jesus cleansed me from my sins, washed me from my iniquities, blotted out all my transgressions, purged me with hyssop, and created in me a clean heart and right spirit that I might know truth in my inward parts and wisdom in my hidden parts. “Thank, thank God for you. Be encouraged, you are going a great work, mighty woman of God. Bless you.” —Rev. Charles Caston Sr. Brookhaven, Mississippi “Powerful writing, God has really done something great in you. How, when, do you find the time to write and in detail of every account? I am very proud of you.” —Rev. Amos Bridges Monticello, Mississippi “Sometimes the best story you can tell is yours. You never know what a person is going through or been through. Keep doing what God has called you to do. Don’t let no one stop you. I am very proud of you and no matter where God take you, you are always my member first. I love you.” —Rev. Wyatt Lewis Hazlehurst, Mississippi

August 12
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