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Getting to know your neighbor has its benefits...

Lana Martin does things by the numbers. Thinking choices through with the help of her trusty spreadsheets is how she lives her life. It's safe, comfortable, logical. A method that never failed her… Until she strayed all because of the annoying neighbor she's yet to formally meet.

Emilio Ramirez likes to have fun and enjoy himself. Life's too short for overthinking and second guesses. He thought himself to be friendly, and likable… Until he crosses paths with his next door neighbor. A woman who seems to have a permanent scowl reserved for him.

Loud music and a dog that doesn't care about boundaries just may have these two sharing more than a wall.

May 8
Jazen Ink Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

monda1001 ,

Prissy vs cordial

Lana doesn’t seem to have a cordial bone in her body. She complained about all the stuff that is considered typical neighbor issues. The music is too loud. His car is too loud. He’s playing basketball at a neighbors house and the ball rolls in our driveway. Somebody parked too close to her driveway and she supposedly couldn’t get out. With a little Notes to explain or complain about the little mishap that comes with being a neighbor. Emilio so laid-back it’s funny. He knows that he could push her buttons no matter what happens. He can blink at her and she gets into a tiff and storms off. But we are computer crashes and she’s screaming up a storm she accidentally stumbled on what his profession is. She just thought he was some guy who just hang out all day and didn’t have a job kind of. As much as he wants to push her buttons he was raised better than that. Offering to help fix a computer lead to being cordial. Even though every time she comes to apologize the prettiness comes out. But for Emilio that’s just another way of foreplay. No cliffhangers. Very funny situations that she has gotten herself into that he graciously let her get out of with some kind of dignity.

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