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Turn your hike into an imaginative adventure! Visit the Belden Forest Trail in Simsbury, CT and bring along this companion e-book. Follow along with the fantastical tale on your electronic device, and find the landmarks listed along the way that illustrate the story. Read about the magical species of mysterious creatures who live along the trail and immerse yourself in their exciting adventures. 

Did you know that two different tribes of barbarians live in the Belden Forest? And one night a rare Storm Giant appeared in their territory ... was he there to steal their treasure, or warn them of danger? Find out as you hike! Look for the Mystery Toothmarks, the Lightning Bolt Tree, the Blast Crater, the Secret Cipher, the Hidden Fairy Realm and more!

Use 106 Library Lane, Simsbury for GPS
[1.2 miles, 35 minutes]

Guided Story Walks are a great way for families to get outside and enjoy nature together. Each features a flat trail or city walk between 1/2 and 2 miles long, perfect for kids of all ages. Each e-book is chock full of beautiful photos, clear directions and mystical tales that will spark the imagination of every child.

"I just wanted to share what a wonderful time our family has had exploring your guided story hikes! We have come to Simsbury twice from Fairfield, along with our friends, solely to do your Fairy Finding Adventure and Barbarian Tracking Adventure and we were not disappointed even after the hour and a half drives! Our children range in ages from 12 to 8 and every one of them was completely enraptured in the story and finding the next landmark! The books were so easy to follow with every detail clearly pictured and described. The creativity of the stories interlacing with the nature trails was awesome! Thank you for all the effort you put into this and making for some great adventures for our families during this pandemic!" -- Taren C. & Mary J.

August 28
Storyteller's Press
Storytellers Cottage LLC

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