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Now you can take your iPad (with waterproof case) along on your Grand Canyon adventure with our best selling 120 page Grand Canyon River Guide as you travel down the Colorado River and explore the canyon. From our original print version published in 1969 we strive to have a user-friendly, informative, accurate, and up-to-date map to enhance your Grand Canyon River trip. Updated yearly, our river guidebooks are one of the most complete and informative single resources available for river runners, outfitters and anyone interested in the Colorado River through Grand Canyon.

The classic Belknap format of mile-by-mile map pages from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead are accompanied by photos, history, geology, archaeology, and nature notes. Special sections in the book are devoted to geology, history, river running, archaeology, natural history, and photography. Easily identify the geologic formations in the canyon from the unique photos with geologic labels. Or identify most flowers, plants, critters, or birds from the illustrated section on Natural History. 

Custom designed shaded relief river maps by master cartographer/river runner Buzz Belknap are created with river runners in mind and enhance the feeling of being in the canyon. The maps are highly accurate and display incredible detail in a simple-to-view form that makes navigating the Colorado River easier than ever. Campsites are updated annually from the latest NPS information and accurately plotted on the maps.

A special feature of this high-resolution digital edition is the ability to zoom into the maps, photos, geologic columns, etc., and to view the items at a much-enlarged view (magnified many times above the print view).

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March 29
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