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Cold hearted....

Sworn to revenge...

La donna nera è il capo...

The capu di tutti capi has fallen by an assassins’ bullet and if he does recover no one believes he will be the same. The doctors tell Mirabella to prepare for the worst. His capu’s warn her to prepare for war. The Italian authorities want her to turn over his criminal organization for amnesty for the reward of safe passage with her children back to America. After five years of living in the shadow of as his life as his Mafia bride she only one choice. Defy them all and enter her husband’s world to save him. With his life in the balance Donna Mirabella Battaglia claims power over the most ruthless Camorra crime family in Southern Italy. And many are not happy about it. She takes a new vow the darkest one every shared in a marriage. Destroy them all by any means necessary and save his life. Truths, buried for generations surface. The assassin who pulled the trigger is named. Her world spirals out of control as men both powerful and deadly try to seduce and break her.  


Cold hearted...

Sworn to revenge...

La Donna Nera will fight for her family and their empire to the bitter end.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 7
Sienna Mynx
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Shenee 16 ,

Bella Mafia

Deceivers and manipulators will always receive their just do. Bella has been tasked with saving her family an her husband's business where no one respects her authority (not worthy to sit with men and discuss business). Enemies pile in and poise for strike for the kill but they forgot one thing, "Never mess with a woman with her back against the wall and never underestimate the healing power of love." Will Gio awake in time to save his wife and his family or will the time elapse create divisions that can not be repaired?

Novice1 ,

I waited a year for this?

First possible spoilers. I waited patiently for this book to be released. After reading Bella Mafia, it makes me wonder how bad was the authors first draft which led to this re-write?

Once again Mira is being led by the nose by another powerful man, to chip away at her husbands empire. Mira is the weakest heroine ever, she gets a semi backbone in this book only to lose it when Gio comes out of his coma. How was Mira able to see Marietta for the convicting witch she is but not see Don Tacchini playing her and reeling her in.

Now on to Don Gio, who spends most of this book in a coma, only to come out worse than ever in his obsession with his Donna. I question Gio’s version of love when he chooses to shoot Tacchini while Mira is in the line of fire. After which he decides to put her back in her place by forcing himself on his wife while she has Tacchini’s blood all over. That was too much.

Catalina and Armando, have to say I liked these two together, since Catalina was not as whiny with him. Will she have Armando’s baby In book 9, giving Gio access to the Mancini money?

Why is Carlo the author's constant Punching bag. This guy is one of the most “honorable” men in this series who cannot catch a break. Just once I would like to see him get the love he deserves.

I looked forward to this book with baited breath only
to be let down. Characters still bland and underdeveloped. Everyone is completely reliant on Gio.

At this point, I’m out. I am not looking forward to two more books in this series. I don’t care if Gio and Lorenzo continue to feud and relive the live of their father.

Can the Editor of these book please correct errors prior to release. It’s still maddening to deal with this 8 books in.

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