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Most people would think I was a tramp for sleeping with six different guys in my freshman year and ten in my sophomore year, but I thought that was pretty reserved for a sex addict. Hell, there were a couple girls who’d been gang banged by that many at one setting at a couple frat parties. Hmm. I wonder what that would feel like?

This year had been different. I met Rudy at the beginning of the fall semester at the library. I liked him and I thought it would be fun to you know what in the library. After we dislodged a hundred or so books from the bookshelves getting in some interesting positions in an obscure aisle, the head librarian, finding us half dressed, kicked us out.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in his dorm room bed laughing and…doin’ the deed. Rudy was fun and managed to keep me interested that whole semester. At the beginning of the second semester I needed money desperately and had even considered hooking on the side, like several co-eds I knew. However, like a gift from heaven, I came across an ad on the campus help wanted board for art class models. It read, “Excellent pay and short hours. See Professor Valdez in room 207 of the Music and Arts building.”

My kind of job. Walking into room 207 to see if the job was still available, I ran into an extremely handsome man who seemed about to leave. “Can I help you?”

“Are you Professor Valdez?”

He flashed a great smile, but made a bad joke. “Last time I looked I was. What can I do for you?”

“Is the modeling job still open?” His intense gaze practically undressed me as it skirted my body down my casual attire to my running shoes and back. But he wasn’t the only one looking. I scrutinized him from his long, wavy jet black hair to his bone colored topsiders. Returning to his face, I got lost in his eyes. They were the ever-changing color of pools of oil, reflecting all the nuances from brown to amber. His face was lean, his nose straight and lips thin. High, pronounced cheekbones accented the most distinguished Van Dyke beard I ever saw.

Studying his amazing face, I started from the shock of his fingers touching my arm. Gaining my attention, He smiled broadly. “The job is yours if you want it. Ramon Valdez.”

I shook his offered hand. “Belladonna Capri, but friends call me Bella.”

“I can see why. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

I nodded and smiled. “Tell me more about the job?”

“Depending on your class schedule, you can work two hours, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for twenty-five dollars an hour—”

“Wow, Twenty-five. What time is the class?”

“Ten to noon.”

I snapped my fingers. “Dang that leaves me out. I have an Organic Chemistry class then."

“What about the same time on Tuesdays and Thursdays? If you don’t mind being semi-nude or nude, you can make thirty to forty dollars an hour for, modeling for my human figure sketch class.”

I grinned like I’d won a Vegas jackpot. The idea of modeling nude actually appealed to me. Even though I would be modeling naked before fellow students, I couldn’t resist. The money was fantastic and I would also be naked for Ramon. Seeing me naked, I knew it would just be a matter of time before he talked me into his bed.

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September 2
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