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Choose to fight
and you could die.
Choose to love
and you could lose your heart.
Choose to trade yourself
and all of the other choices look like an easier way out..
In a world where genetics and magic have fused together to create supernaturals; Kara Heart struggles to live up to the reputation and duty of her Hunter-bloodline. The past year she’s barely stepped foot into the Demon underworld of her small Virginian hometown. There haven’t been any violent clashes between the humans and the Demons as of late, and Kara isn’t too keen on neglecting all the normal-human parts of her life to wander the night as the unofficial Demon-police anyway.
That all changes when her preteen baby-brother is kidnapped by a large group of travelling Demons on a do-or-die mission to slaughter every Hunter on the planet and gain control of the luxuries of the human race.
Throw in the unexpected arrival of a still frustratingly mysterious boy she used to love, a Hunter who survived the vagabond Demons and is now out for their blood and a devil’s deal which could save her brother but end her existence, and Kara’s life is suddenly full of choices.
But can she choose the right one?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 1
Bella Johnson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

kenned_ ,

Loved it!!

I was so satisfied with how this remake came out and just think she did an awesome job! I live how she was able to keep the same vibe from the original version but also tweak and spice up certain parts! Excited for part 2!!

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