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Something hungry, relentless, and “absolutely terrifying” is surfacing off the California coast (Marc Cameron, New York Times–bestselling author).
A young woman is dragged into the depths of the Pacific by a force of unimaginable strength; deep sea divers descend into the ink-black waters and never return; and when a small fishing boat is capsized and a band of migrants are swallowed up whole, the lone, terrified survivor can only utter three words . . . los diablos rojos.
Professional scuba diver Will Sturman and brilliant oceanographer Valerie Martell know what they’re up against. It’s something more ferocious than the jaws of a great white shark . . . deadlier and quicker than a shoal of piranha . . . a mass of predators that has evolved over millions of years to perfect their reason to exist: to kill and to feed.
Now, a thousand strong and counting, they’re heading toward shallow waters where the prey is easy. For Will and Valerie, it’s a race against time to stop the world’s oceans—and its shores—from turning blood red.
“Brilliantly terrifying . . . Lockwood snaps hold of you and doesn’t let go . . . With nerve-tingling suspense, Below is a thriller you won’t easily put down—or forget.” —Kevin O’Brien, New York Times–bestselling author
“Breathtakingly frightening and hugely entertaining . . . a knockout.” —New York Daily News

Fiction & Literature
June 25
OpenRoad Integrated Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

Masanobu Cortéz ,


Fairly well written. More or less complete fleshing out of characters. But I'm dissatisfied. I either think/feel "so what.", or this is a cautionary tale for the very arrogant, slow, and uninformed. Some fishing boats drag electrified nets across the sea floor to stun all fish. To get them all. The dead "by catch" are still thrown overboard to rot. Historic fisheries are showing decreasing yields or have completely collapsed. There is a vicious greedy predator out there. It believes it is the center of the universe. I'll laugh when it learns, truly learns, that it's not true.

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