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The BE MORE Movement was started as Sandi Krakowski sat on a beach in Hawaii and began dreaming of a better world where people are no longer focused on what they do, what they have, or where they go. Instead, they would be more concerned with who they become. 

Through the BE MORE Movement people of every race, creed, nationality, gender, and income bracket become connected because they discover that living a meaningful life is about who we are and not what we do. 

In these 77 Secrets, Sandi offers you inspiration in her unique and powerful style for becoming more connected to God, more in tune with yourself, more attentive to your relationships, more engaged with your community, and more mindful of your world. 

Through these moments of insight, you will learn simple truths about trusting your instincts, removing obstacles to success, and understanding the power of the words you speak into your life. You can be all you were meant to be and it is easier than you think! 

Take the journey to BE MORE in your life. Connect with others in this powerful movement and share what you’ve learned through a #BEMORE tweet to the millions of people who are already seeking a powerful life, an empowered life, and a divine understanding of WHO they will become! 

This book is your manual for a better life. BEING MORE starts with looking up to strengthen your relationship with God and then ripples outward. Think of this as a series of moments with you and God together, and you are taking into the world what you receive. 

The book is broken into five parts that focus on the different areas of our lives where we encounter disappointments, frustrations, and setbacks. When one is “out of balance, others begin to suffer. If we aren’t listening to God, the negative messages that flood our minds distract us from what we know is true. When we place too much value on what others have, we become dissatisfied with our own gifts and blessings. 

As you go through this journey, you are going to discover how to BE MORE connected to God, to BE MORE in tune with yourself, to BE MORE attentive to your relationships, to BE MORE engaged with your community, and to BE MORE mindful of your world. 

#BEMORE is designed to be carried with you so you can read a section when you are in need of direction or inspiration. 

When you set on this path to BE MORE, you can live an incredible life, even in the challenges, even in the small simple things.

Religion & Spirituality
November 3
Fedd Books
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Customer Reviews

Julianne DeMarco ,

Love this book!

This is the first book I have ever pre-ordered and it did not disappoint! I have been following Sandi on social media for quite some time, and her encouragement and inspiration has led me to new levels of growth in my personal life and small business. The secrets in this book and such great bits of truth to live by! I constantly pull this book out on my phone, and have gifted some to friends looking for a positive change in their life. You will love this book too!

Gethsenia ,

Motivating and Inspiring

Read this Awesome book 7 times. It's a must read. Motivating and Faith-Filled.

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