Bending God

A Memoir

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Publisher Description

Bending God: A Memoir is the beginning of an epic, often unreal, spiritual adventure. 

Enter a world of invisible beings, a grown man being thrown backwards by nothing but the mind of another, clouds that pour out of a hole in a brilliantly clear blue sky and, ultimately, the paranormal connection to awakening. All the stranger because it is a true story.

As you read this book you will doubt that what you’re reading is true. It is all true. No exaggerations. No distortions. It defies the limits of everything we believe to be possible.

It is the tale of a young, cynical skeptic. Burned by years of fruitless searching, he denied any thought of a true mystical reality. The world was only what science could explain. 

Until the day he met a strange man, hidden in hills of a small town. A self-proclaimed psychic he hoped would bring some amusement. Instead, this man spoke of the creation of the Universe, the experience of God, and the purpose of those rare souls who feel a deep spiritual calling within them. The restless tug of an unknown destiny.

Before it was over he offered the briefest glimpse of another world. He peeled back reality to reveal a hidden dimensional reality. Shocked and numb, he could not believe what he saw.

So began a journey where the flat, physical world around us suddenly transforms into a place of profound mystery and wonder.

Bending God offers such a world. A mystery beyond imagining. All the more fantastic because it is real. 

Health, Mind & Body
July 22
Higher Balance Publishing
Higher Balance, LLC

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