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(Second book in the Eriksson Series)

Helen Eriksson is pulled into a new investigation when Darkwater Bay police approach her for help after another homeless man is found dead in a dumpster in Downey. His cause of death is certain -- a drug overdose, but the disturbing similarities to five other homeless men discarded with the refuse cannot be overlooked. The other causes of death? A complete mystery, one which Helen and her colleagues at Downey Division must uncover before more men are killed.

Frustrated with Helen Eriksson's secrets and lies, Johnny Orion embarks on a distant journey that leads him to seek the truth independently. What he uncovers isn't nearly as disturbing as the suspicion growing about Helen's past -- and her present behavior.

In Darkwater Bay, the panacea of work can't completely distract Helen from the reality that her lies are continuing to catch up with her, that Special Agent Mark Seleeby isn't giving up on his investigation into her ex-husband's murder or her role in that crime, and that there could have been an eye-witness who saw what she did. Fear makes her careless. Distrust of everyone puts her life at risk, and in the end, threatens to expose a past she desperately wants to deny.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 27
LS Sygnet
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

NajeraAvila ,

Beneath the Cracks

I would have rated it a five had it not been for the ending. When I realized I had reached the end of the book, I thought, “What? This can’t be the end.”

Luvtoread! ,

Beneath the Cracks

This Author is creative and Imaginative! I have read all of the series, 7 books...and each was well thought out, exciting and suspenseful!
I really enjoyed each book but couldn't wait to read the next!
I don't know anything about the Author as their history was not disclosed so I am curious! All I know is if I see anything written
By LS Sygnet I will be sure to buy it!!!

Rottiedesign ,

After 171 pages in

I gave up, boring and needlessly complicated. Characters not well defined. This author needs to simplify.

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