Beneath the Midwinter Moon

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What mystery, romance, and adventure lies Beneath the Midwinter Moon?

It may be cold outside, but inside this shining anthology, the Paper Lantern Writers bring you warm and engaging reflections of holiday celebrations across seven centuries. Eleven stories span across the United States, India and Europe, showing courage, fortitude and love, all illuminated by the midwinter moon.

Phillipe's Epiphany: A young husband has doubts about his new wife's fidelity in 15th century London. Will he let it destroy his marriage before it's even begun, or will true love shine through?

A Wicked Turn at Christmas: An old enemy chooses Christmas as the time to try and wreak revenge on an Elizabethan family. Can the wife stop this attack before it's too late?

Star Lantern: An embittered grandmother in 17th century Amsterdam gets a surprise from her family when she visits the Twelfth Night celebrations. Will this give her a new lease onf life?

Hand-in-Hand Pies: A young girl learns a new skill and meets a lifelong friend when she visits the 1789 Frost Fair in London. Does this mean her life will now be very different?

Frontier Christmas: The rules of courtship are changing in the 1830s US West. An 18-year-old girl sets her sights on her ideal man, but a rival wants to steal him away. Can she reset the rules in her favor?

Long Winter: A young woman's love for another woman would not be acceptable to 1860s Philadelphia society. Married off against her will, can she find a way to be reunited with her true love?

Stitchwork: Christmas celebrations in 1860s Switzerland involve a parade of mythical characters. A woman is wronged by a powerful man. When she disguises as an evil sprite, will she get justice?

X Marks the Spot: A knife thrower's wife knows she must take the ultimate risk to protect her own life and that of her unborn baby in 1918 New York. Has she got the determination to see it through?

Boiling Point: A young mother weighs her future with her pro-colonial husband and their children in 1930s India. Will her children's bravery and their love help her reach the right decision?

The Greatest Love: Belgium 1944 – A mixed-race nurse meets an American soldier in WW2 Belgium and they develop feelings for each other. Can they ever find happiness together? Based on a true story.

Dear Santa: An aspiring businesswoman gets a job in Santa's Photo Shop in 1969 California. When Santa goes off sick, she has no one to play the part. Can she really stand in as the great man herself?

Stories contributed by: Ana Brazil, Anne Beggs, C.V. Lee, Edie Cay, Jonathan Posner, Kathryn Pritchett, Linda Ulleseit, Mari Christie, Michael Ross, Rebecca D'Harlingue, and Vanitha Sankaran

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November 1
Paper Lantern Writers
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