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Benedict Arnold – Legacy Lost (A Ghost’s Story)blends a collage of facts, real characters, and plot line into a mystery that supports the theory that there is more to the story of Benedict Arnold than what history books reveal. In this account, Arnold struggles with George Washington, as well as friends and family, to remove the stain of treason from his name. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Arnold did not act alone in his treasonous act. And it was none other than George Washington who, in his struggle for power and influence during the formation of a new Nation’s government, kept the truth from surfacing. Arnold’s act of treason was, in fact, the two Generals’ most successful wartime plan: ensconce Benedict Arnold as a spy in the highest level of the British Military to bring victory to the colonies.

Years after being deemed a traitor, Arnold attempts to return to the United States, but his plans are thwarted and his life is threatened by individuals concerned about the political consequences his return would have on the delicate, postwar struggles for power among those attempting to establish a functioning government in the United States. Arnold ultimately accepts the fact that the truth concerning his actions at West Point and thereafter will never be told during his lifetime. However, he remains determined that his children and future generations will remember him differently. As such, he convinces George Washington to take steps that would ensure that the truth of Arnold’s innocence becomes known upon their deaths. Alas, through no fault of their own, Washington’s and Arnold’s effort to cleanse the stain left by their epic act of deception fails—until now.

There are few figures of American History as controversial as Benedict Arnold. As one of the millions of Americans who has wondered about Benedict Arnold’s actions, and one of the few who has spent nearly 10 years researching the man and the truths behind the purported “facts,” I wrote Benedict Arnold – Legacy Lost (A Ghost's Story) to show this controversial American figure in a new light. Building a case for Arnold’s innocence, even within a work of fiction, will undoubtedly re-open this chapter of American history and change some views of this infamous “traitor.”

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September 9
Will Martin
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