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Shane Ryan returns to Nashua and the childhood memories that drove him to join the Marines. After a prolonged legal battle with his aunt and uncle, Shane has possession of the family home where his parents disappeared over 20 years ago. The house, a monstrous castle filled with ghosts and secrets, is more alive than its inhabitants.

When his aunt and uncle come to town, then vanish, Shane's life takes a turn for the worse. Detective Marie Lafontaine immediately labels Shane as the prime suspect. And in a race against time, Shane desperately searches for clues about his parents. 

But there's something lurking beyond the walls and beneath the surface. Something sinister that has haunted him ever since he saw its face in the pond behind the house. And it isn’t happy that Shane is back. 

It isn’t happy at all.

Fiction & Literature
April 22
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

gamesarefunagain ,

Completely addicting

I started this book last night, it scared me half to death (in a good way), so I waited to finish it this morning. It kept me on the seat of my chair the entire time. I was both excited and terrified to find out what would happen next. I absolutely loved it!

Retiredmechanic ,

Berkeley Street

What a great book. The writer puts you in the book with all the characters. I want to read more of Shane and Berkeley street.
Keep writing Ron and you are doing a great job.

The Real Abby ,

Berkley Street #1

This was really a fantastically written book. The manner in which the story is presented to the reader is fascinating, gripping, and leaves you increasingly wanting to know what happens next.

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