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More than 150 interactive photographs, slideshows and videos make an effort to communicate the current atmosphere of Berlin.

Berlin – a city of black and white

To the author, Berlin is a black and white city. A city that is in its first part of the process against becoming colourful and faceted.

Just now Berlin possesses a dynamic and a pace focusing less on content and reflection, the sophisticated and differentiated, and more on form and activities, the prominent and massive.

From a photographical point of view it means, that Berlin for the time being is best represented in black and white.

Berlin is a charming city. The charm consisting of equal parts of dynamics and coarseness on the one hand, and of the many dormant possibilities waiting to be unfolded on the other hand. The author shall be curious to se the progress in the years to come, observing the kind of dreams and visions, Berlin chooses when filling up the promising frames. The process toward a city offering more and more facets and shades has well begun – although: if it is half done remains to be seen :-)

Well, in reality nothing is only black and white, and that holds true for Berlin too. So, naturally, a few colour pictures have ‘sneaked into’ the book illustrating places where you – already or still – find the authenticity and the multifaceted scenarios.

However, that doesn’t change the author's fundamental view of Berlin as a black and white city. A city energetically working on securing its black and white frames, preparing the way for a colourful, refined and nuanced identity.

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July 11
OnGuard Publishers
Jan Bisbjerg

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