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Accident is a short story, written by Agatha Christie.

In an English village, ex-Inspector Evans, late of the CID tells his friend, Captain Haydock (ex-Royal Navy), that he has recognized a local woman, Mrs.Merrowdene, as being Mrs.Anthony, a notorious woman who was charged and tried nine years previously with the murder of her husband by arsenic poisoning. She claimed that her husband was an arsenic-eater and that he took too much. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, the jury acquitted her and for the past six yearsshe has been the wife of a local elderly professor. After recognizing her, Evans has carried out further investigations and found out that Mrs.Merrowdene's stepfather died when he fell off a cliff path when walking with her one day. At that time, the stepfather had opposed the girl's (she was eighteen at the time of this incident) relationship with another man. Evans is convinced this earlier death was not accidental and that Mrs.Merrowdene is guilty of multiple murders...

The Million Dollar Bond Robbery is a short story, written by Agatha Christie.

Poirot is asked by the fiancée of Philip Ridgeway to prove his innocence. Ridgeway is the nephew of Mr Vavasour, the joint general manager of the London and Scottish Bank and a million dollars of bonds have gone missing whilst in his care. Poirot meets Ridgeway at the Cheshire Cheese who gives him the facts of the case: He was entrusted by his uncle and the other general manager, Mr Shaw, of taking a million dollars of Liberty Bonds to New York to extend the bank’s credit line there. The bonds were counted in Ridgeway’s presence in London, sealed in a packet and then put in his portmanteau that had a special lock on it...

The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge is a short story, written by Agatha Christie.

Poirot is ill in bed with influenza when he and Hastings receive a visit from a Mr Roger Havering, the second son of a Baronet who has been married to an actress for some years. Mr Havering stayed at his club in London the previous evening and the following morning receives a telegram from his wife telling him his Uncle, Harrington Pace, was murdered the previous evening and to come at once with a detective. As Poirot is indisposed, Hastings sets off with Havering for the scene of the crime ...

Tape-Measure Murder is a short story, written by Agatha Christie.

Miss Politthas been waiting and waiting outside Laburnum Cottage for Mrs.Spenlow, to no avail. She nervously acquires the help of her next-door neighbour, whose gumption and persistence reveal that Mrs.Spenlow is dead on the hearthrug. The whole of St. Mary Mead is convinced the murderer is Mr.Spenlow, who shows no emotion upon his wife’s sudden death, but, with characteristic diligence, Miss Marple reveals that it is perhaps not that simple...

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May 29
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