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** This 20,000-word story is told in drabbles: each chapter consisting of only 100 words.**

Sebastian Gilman meets a guy on a dance floor every Friday night. He knows nothing about him, not even his name, only to find one day this familiar stranger turns up on his building site and they need to work together.

Ryland Keller knows better than to get involved. Alone and half a country away from home, he revels in isolation until a handsome man in a gay bar turns his world upside down.

Sebastian wants to help Ryland recover from a horrible past, but only if Ryland can let his guard down long enough to see that he can have the best of both worlds.

Fiction & Literature
October 10
N.R. Walker
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

hubbabbubbahhz ,

to dance, to walk, to sleep — NEVER … ALONE ........

N.R. Walker, an excellent and a proven love story scribe, selects a unique approach telling her romance story about two handsome lonely misfit hunks, each seeking a Friday’s single moonlight adventure … like two moth’s attracted by a single bright light source … their ritual single week-end Friday night meeting at the local gay bar dance palace is not a formal ‘happening date’ …. The mystery for their Friday night’s encounter, neither will have to share a name … acceptance, to relax, sharing a spontaneous nights’ intimacy for a brief ‘coupling’ relationship! NO SEX! with NO STRINGS !!!

N.R. Walker’s creative approach introducing their weekly encounter, fulfills an interesting discovery, as deep dark secrets become revealed, when Sebastian Gilman and Ryland Keller open up to each other; innocence capturing their friendship in trust and in acceptance. Individual histories exposed, as their intimacy explodes bitter shadows of experience, so deeply hindered … breaking the prison of neglected silence. An appetite for sexual energy … expectation … to fulfill … turning each other’s world upside down !!!

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