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Amber has only ever wanted one thing in life. To be a star. When that dream has finally come true, an old friend ends up getting in the way and friendships may end up jeopardizing everything. Now in a time when privacy is a thing of her past, where paparazzi follow her every move, she’ll need to decide what’s more important to her, because it’s more than just her career on the line. 

Tom has struggled for years with his feelings towards Amber, his best friend’s little sister. The woman has been driving him crazy since… well, forever. Now that she’s on every TV set, every movie poster in the country, it’s even harder to avoid looking into those sexy blue eyes and not remembering her passion. Especially when she’ll be spending the next few months back in Denver filming her latest movie. This time, Tom may not be able to hold back the sparks that fly between them.

February 14
Grayton Press
Idealist LLC

Customer Reviews

777sails ,

Best of Luck

I received a complimentary copy of this book AND I also purchased a copy.

This was a wonderful enchanting story. Amber leaves Denver for the bright lights of Hollywood. All she has ever talked about was being a star. She leaves behind her entire family and the love of her life, Tom. Unfortunately for Amber, Tom is her brother's best friend and he is also engaged to be married. Tom has feelings for Amber but her older brother, Aiden, his BFF, had warned him to stay away from his sister, thus he let her go to California to follow her dream.

This story has a plot twist to it that I really didn't see coming. It was a beautifully written bookcation for me. Being able to see into both of the characters' thinking and thoughts, because the book was written in a dual POV, was very enlightening.

While this is a part of a series and prior characters make multiple appearance, this book can be read as a stand-alone. Also this book is a sexy book so I can only recommend this book to someone over the age of 18.

Cali Jewel ,

Love the Lucky Series!!!

This series just gets better with every added adventure. A Sexy, Fun, Emotional Roller Coaster of Love that both parties for each their own reasons believe is a forbidden love. Extremely well written Friends to Lovers story with a twist. The mini secondary story in the background was awesome and had me guessing to the end. It was also awesome visiting with some of the people we have come to love from the previous two stories in the series.

Tom and Amber have fought the attraction (stronger than magnets) for so long it take them taking a hard look at why before they can finally see any possibility of something real. They are so sweet and obviously made for each other you can't help but cheer for their happy ever after. Looking forward to the next visit to wonderful world.

Bruin Reviewer ,

Forever Love

Another fantastic book by Jill Saunders. The story of Tom & Amber rekindling their unspoken love, that her brother Aiden had tried to stop years ago. Amber, now being a star, returns to her hometown to film for 6 months. Tom knows this is his only chance to let her know his true feelings. This is a wonderful story of devotion, intimidation, threats, and undying love. Absolutely, loved this book! 5 Stars!

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