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A translated and heavily edited North Korean cookbook.  This edition corrects a poor original translation, fills in missing steps, and explains the ingredient substitutions required.  The text maintains some of the original quirky English where it won't interfere with successfully producing the recipe, and presents a few tricks for preparing the dishes using western ingredients.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine
April 30
Pacific Trident Global Publishing
Pacific Trident Global Publishing

Customer Reviews

Nom-ad ,

Usable recipes, amusing commentary

An actual North Korean cookbook that has been “smoothed” for ease of reading and use. Strikes a good balance between preserving the typical poor translation (relish and plain in taste?) and usable instructions and ingredients. Blank’s supplemental comments are useful in noting challenges with the dishes. Original photographs help the cook plate an NK themed meal authentically. I have only tried one dish (beef jongol), but it worked out as I expect the others would having read through the ingredients and instructions. That said, I will take Blank’s advice and stay away from the raw carp!

O.R.F.13 ,

Best Recipes of Pyongyang

Having had the opportunity to try authentic North Korean food over the years, I can say that the recipes Mr. Blank provides here would certainly stimulate the palate, usually in a pleasant and unique way.
Given that Mr. Blank prepared the recipes in the manner described, a salute is in order, as, like most things dealing with North Korea, 'very labor intensive' would be an apt description. The culinary aspect of the book aside, there's true entertainment value in the reading not only the recipes (green been pancakes recommended for a wedding ceremony?) but in the forward and the introductory sections. Brings a smile and a chuckle. nicely done.