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Beta readers are the quiet superheroes of today's publishing. They are the volunteers who read our manuscripts to give a reader's perspective, and show us the things we just can't see for ourselves. Maybe you've tried to get manuscript feedback in the past, but you've run into these common problems...

"I can't find the right people."

"They are too slow."

"They don't give me anything useful."

"They are too nice."

"They hated my book and broke my heart."

Multi-award-winning author Belinda Pollard knows how you feel. She has faced all these challenges and developed unique solutions, drawing from her work as a developmental editor over two decades. This practical and highly-readable book will help you develop a customized feedback strategy for your manuscripts - and become the writer you were born to be.

"An invaluable book for every writer - indie or traditional. Great, thoughtful and inspiring advice." Jodie Lane, Turning Points time travel adventure series 

"Essential reading for any author who wants to continue to grow." Debbie Young, Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries

"Undeniably useful and will serve both as a guide and mentor to authors looking for necessary feedback and support." Molly Greene, Gen Delacourt Mysteries

"If anyone wants to know about beta reading, Belinda's blog is my go-to recommended resource... now this book is." Sally Vince, Editor

Belinda Pollard is an award-winning Australian author, accredited book editor, publishing consultant, writing coach, speaker and blogger. Her editing portfolio includes books that have won or been shortlisted for significant awards or become classics in their niche, while her own writing prizes include a Varuna Fellowship. Her advocacy for writers and editors brings publishing and speaking invitations from around the world.   betareadersuperhero.com

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