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Elysia was born without a soul, her only purpose to serve the wealthy inhabitants of Io, an island paradise. But sensations are clouding her mind...anger...loneliness...love. Before long, Elysia learns that she is a Defect. And If any human on the island discovers the truth, it will cost her her life.

Young Adult
October 16
Disney Book Group
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Customer Reviews

K. A. Reid ,


First off, I would like to say that this book is pretty original. (I would italicize “is” if I could.)
The concept of soulless, human-like creatures is not necessarily new, but this is a new take in this basic plot, a least from what I have seen.

I chuckled to myself when I read the description, because about a year ago I created a story called “Iceheart”, about the Xenocreatures, or Xenos as they are informally called, who are emotionless creatures who see love and emotion as a weakness. They are perfect creatures––until one batch of five Xenos goes wrong. The main character is one of the youngest Xeno ever to be created (fourteen years old), and she is called Ash. Her creator, Dr. Vinici, tells them that they will stay in his laboratory until he has need of them. Something is wrong with Vinici. The Xenos escape. But that leaves them in a whole new world, which starkly contrasts the laboratory with its lush colors and sights. They discover that maybe humans, even with their emotions, aren’t so bad after all.

See how similar these two stories are? They are both about defects. They are both about a girl. They are both about emotionless creatures.

All-in-all, I will give this story an “okay”. I give it points for pretty good writing and for clean language. But I’m afraid it’s not good enough to grip my attention as tenaciously as other books I have read.
Rachel Cohn is a good author, though, and I hope she will develop her talent and love her work as a writer.

Good luck to her and to all writers out there.

I hope this helped!


K. A. Reid

Love 4 Reading ,

Must Read!

I was really taken at how such the clone concept has been taken to a new level of personality and color.Amazing!!

Victoriapillow ,

Hmm..original concept?i think not

This book is good,but It's not original,at all.

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