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Justice with a vengeance

How do you find peace in a world rife with injustice? A world that is so wrong?

Sydney Rye is in Miami, surrounded by friends and co-conspirators who share her values and goals. People who believe in her. For the first time since her brother’s murder, Sydney Rye is finding a way to live in peace…but also isn’t helping anyone in need.

Unfortunately, this peace can’t last—Sydney is in the eye of a storm. With the effects of Datura under control, she no longer hears thunder, sees lightning, or feels the cold sting of hard rain. But danger rages all around her, circling closer every moment.

Declan Doyle spent the last five years hunting Sydney Rye. He’s faced humiliation and grave injury at her hands, but nothing can stop him now. He has a warrant, she’s on US territory, and this time he’s locking her up for good. They can take his badge and career, but he’ll get Sydney Rye this time.

Dan Burke is obsessive, brilliant, and a founding member of Joyful Justice. Safely ensconced on the isolated island headquarters of his organization, Dan does what he wants, when he wants. He’s the man in charge. But when the island stronghold falls under attack, and his closest allies betray him, he’s forced to defend the network they’ve built at any cost.

Lenox Gold is dangerous, gorgeous, and devoted to justice. As a gigolo and pimp, he runs his business at the highest standards of ethics—everyone is a consenting adult getting what they need out of the transaction. With the help of Joyful Justice, Lenox is determined to bring these ideals to the entirety of his industry. But when the woman who showed Lenox how to transform his life turning tricks on the beach into a profitable international business begins breaking the rules, Lenox must choose between betrayal of a trusted friend and the ideals he spent his life defending.

What none of them see coming is a brewing discontent. Masses once thought to be harmless—splinters of humanity the internet fostered into groups of organized zealots—are forming their own networks…preparing to take revenge.

The status quo is cracking.

The war is brewing.

Continue the Adventure!

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 20
Emily Kimelman
Emily Kimelman

Customer Reviews

Biggs503 ,

What a cliffhanger..Can’t wait for the next book

I want to be Sydney Rye! I find with every book in the series that I can’t put it down and mourn the loss of her when I’ve completed a book. It’s a shame that all of the books are not available on I-books but it’s been explained to me that it is very expensive to publish and maintain books I all of the available ebook formats. What an adventure!!!!

The Legacy of the Key ,

Betray the Lie

This is one of the best books in the Sydney Rye series. Love the dogs. Love the story. Sydney is evolving which is good and she now has 3 dogs, Blue and his two kids. Sydney is still trying to find herself after her brother is murdered in the original book number 1 of the series. The only person she truly trusts is her dog Blue. Maybe she will start trusting humans but in her world I don't see many who warrant her trust. Alliance yes, trust no. I await the next installment of Sydney and Blue and i just loved the surprise ending. Emily is a great writer and i have read all her books. I would recommend all of her books except to children. Lots of violence and sex but great page turning stories.

neachdreamer117 ,

Mind Officially Blown

Sydney, Dan, Robert, Lenox, and Declan are up for another fast paced adventure in what might be the best book of this series. Emily Kimelman is masterful at intertwining several stories into one remarkable finale. I stayed up all night, reading this book, only to keep looking for more! The ending was mind blowing!

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