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This is the engrossing story of the American flag and its designer and creator, one Miss Elizabeth Griscom, or Betsy Ross. It’s a story that is inspirational, motivational, and aspirational. It represents the best of man in the darkest of times, when freedom was but a word, almost lost, yet fought for and achieved by men and women who’ve their all and lit the torch that would lead the world ever-after.

In Betsy Ross and the First Flag of the United States of America: The People, Events, and Ideas Behind the Design and Creation of the Flag and Seal of the United States, you will discover . . .

 - who Besty Ross really was and what motivated her to create the ultimate symbol of freedom,

 - how General George Washington ordered the creation of a flag of the Union,

 - this history and story of the glorious Gadsden  — “Don’t Tread on Me!” — flag,

 - the various flags used during the United States’ amazing early history,

 - how John Paul Jones established the freedom of the seas,

 - all four beautiful verses of “The Star Spangled Banner,”

 - the incredible tale of Francis Scott Key writing what became the national anthem,

 - stunning patriotic songs that stirred a burgeoning nation to victory and independence,

 - how the stars on Old Glory were folded and made,

 - the importance of Brother Jonathan,

 - why the American Eagle was selected as the nation’s symbol,

 - the writers of “America” and other songs of victory and national pride,

 - the truth about George Washington and other heroes of the American Revolution.

From the last stitch as it was sewn to it waving proudly over these fruited plains to this day, the story of the American flag and Betsy Ross is the story for — and of — all of us. It’s a story of defiance before oppression, of truth over wickedness, and of valiance overcoming cowardice. Gather the family ‘round and explore the wonderful history of our Union, its heroes, and the creator of our eternal red, white, and blue.


A country is composed of people situated on a piece of land who share some basic traits—language, mores, and customs. Later, those people forge a nation and it adopts symbols that serve as identifiers of their beliefs, laws, and aspirations.

No symbol of any sovereign nation is more telling, nor more high, than its flag. It is carried into battle and waved during peacetime. It bedecks halls of justice and watches over public lands. A man will doff his hat for it and all will raise their head for it.

Of all secular symbols, a nation’s flag is the most sacred—and no flag has been as esteemed as the flag of the United States of America. It symbolizes freedom, bravery, justice, and hope to people around the world, citizen of this great land or not.

A nation’s flag not only tells a story, it has a story. The story of one Betsy Ross and the creation of the American flag is an exceptional one. In this first book of the About U.S. series, you will thrill at the description of her creative design and then read agog as the Founding Fathers, guided by the Stars and Stripes, forge a nation that would secure freedom and happiness for all—and would continue to do so to this very day.

Long may it wave o’er these hallowed lands!

And may God continue the bless us with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Anthony R. Michalski


August 8
Kallisti Publishing
Kallisti Publishing