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Better Behavior

Helping Kids Create Change and Improve Relationships

Noah Kempler MFT and Others
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Publisher Description

Better Behavior: Helping Kids Create Change and Improve Relationships is a practical and thorough guide for parents struggling with some of the most common parenting challenges. The book provides parents with the skills to effectively understand, and provide help for, a wide variety of issues ranging from negative behavior, to low self-esteem, to strained family relationships. 

In addition, the book focuses on critical skills for parents to help their children develop—the five core skills: understanding feelings, communication, flexibility, respect, and problem solving. Development of these skills is essential because they provide the solid foundation that prevents many negative behaviors from occurring in the first place.

The book also helps parents understand and balance the two main parenting influences: empathy and authority. Presenting a balanced amount of both empathy and authority provides parents with the ability to both guide their children’s behavior, while at the same time, strengthening the parent-child relationship. In this way, the book extends far beyond traditional behavior management techniques to offer parents a developmentally-based, complete guide for creating change in family life. 

Better Behavior’s unique accomplishment is that first it provides parents with a complete strategy for helping kids do better by looking at all of the relevant factors including: temperament, parenting styles, attachment and emotional attunement, family roles and dynamics, self-confidence and self-esteem, united parenting and much more. Secondly, the book highlights specific skill areas, with lots of examples and suggestions, to help both parents and kids gain the ability to develop family and social relationships based on cooperation and mutual respect. Better Behavior provides parents with many of the same insights and tools that a seasoned child therapist uses to help families improve relationships and create lasting behavioral change.  

Written by Noah Kempler, MFT, a licensed child and family psychotherapist, author and parent educator with over twenty years experience counseling individuals and families, Better Behavior is the culmination of a decade-long effort by Noah to create for parents a comprehensive guide for creating lasting behavioral change. The book accomplishes this and provides a truly unique contribution to parenting and behavior management by reaching beyond traditional parenting books to help parents understand how and why difficult behaviors arise, and then to help them develop the strategies and skills needed to create lasting change. 

Better Behavior has garnered critical acclaim from noted parenting and child development experts. Here are just a few recent comments:

“This book provides a practical, doable, and—most importantly—effective approach for helping struggling kids do better.” 

Dr. Christine Carter, Senior Fellow, UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and author of Raising Happiness and The Sweet Spot

“This book is long overdue. If children came with an instruction manual they might have asked Noah to write it.” 

—Allen Berger, Ph.D., Clinical Director of the California Institute of Gestalt Experiential Therapy and author of Love Secrets—Revealed and other books

September 16
Noah Kempler, MFT
noah kempler

Customer Reviews

Reg318 ,

Very helpful

Noah presents his parenting ideas is a very clear way. That’s my favorite thing about this book. It’s easy to read. The chapter on helping kids develop the 5 core skills of understanding feelings, communication, flexibility, respect, and problem-solving covers so many of the skills that my son needs to work on. In general, the book is reassuring because it helps parents focus in on specific things to say and do to help kids make changes in their behavior. I’ve recommended it to several friends and they’ve also found it very helpful.

errolh ,

Great Book!

I’ve had a really challenging time with my 4 year old and this book has been very helpful. Some of the ideas, like tuning into and validating feelings, seem so simple and yet are so powerful. Helping my strong willed daughter focus on her feelings and work on the skills to better express herself has made all the difference. I’m grateful to Mr. Kempler for providing such a clear source of emotional guidance. I’d recommend this book to all parents.