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First anal sex is an erotic first that makes for incredible stories, and at Naughty Daydreams Press, we have the queens of first anal sex when it comes to hardcore erotica. Whether you’re looking for something really rough or really sweet, this collection is as tight as it gets!

1. BENT OVER AND BUTT F****D WHILE ON THE PHONE (First Anal Sex While on the Phone) by Debbie Brownstone

Evan and Tricia have planned a night of intimacy for a while, but just when things heat up, Tricia’s friend Shelly calls. She needs to talk with Tricia all about her recent breakup. Of course Evan’s angry! Just like Shelly to call like that, and now the evening is ruined…Or is it? After all, even if Tricia is on the phone, Evan still has access to her legs, her pussy, and her tiny, tight virgin a*****e for some first anal sex.

2. ELISHA’S SEDUCTION (A First Anal Sex Erotica Story) by D.P. Backhaus

Elisha is as nervous as can be about her date with Raymond. They’ve only chatted online, and the idea that this incredible hunk was taking her out seems incredible. When he arrives, he’s even better in person, and after a horrible breakup, Elisha is ready to get aggressive. She’s going to seduce this handsome stud, and she can’t wait to do it. Raymond has some surprises of his own, though. Sure he wants her, but he’s interested in something Elisha’s never given up, her tiny virgin ass!

3. GANGBANGING THE BRIDE (Lacey’s Wedding Party by D.P. Backhaus)

Lacey is excited about her wedding, though she would rather have bought a house with all the money her parents are spending on the ceremony. Still, she’s content and happy with her new husband Tony. Tony isn’t though. He’s going to make sure he can get a house for his bride, and all she’ll have to provide is her body for the night. After all, what’s a little double penetration among friends at a bride gang bang?

4. TAKEN BY THE TRIPLETS (A Double Penetration G******g Short) by Jane Kemp

Dara never thought she’d be a contestant on a dating show, but in a whirlwind of a day, she ends up with a wonderful man named Ben, who just might be the one for her. In fact, she agrees to meet with him after the cameras have all shut off. She didn’t know that Ben is one of three brothers, triplets in fact, and these brothers share everything. In fact, they’ll be sharing Dara tonight, double teaming and triple teaming her. She’ll even have her first anal sex, in the form of a rough double penetration!

5. THE BOSS NEEDS A GOOD GIRL (A First Anal Slutty Secretary erotica story) by Cindy Jameson

With an audit coming up in only two days and a great deal of paperwork to prepare for it, Jim is ready to explode from the stress. Thankfully, Jane is there to help him with all of the work that needs to happen. Maybe more importantly, though, Jane is ready to help him blow off steam one late night at the office. If that takes him all night…well, Jane is ready to be the best good girl a boss ever wanted.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various first anal sex encounters. It includes rough first anal sex, first group anal sex, first anal sex double penetration, first anal office sex, and first anal g******g sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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April 16
Naughty Daydreams Press
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