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The Beverley Green Adventures continue!

Beverley is beginning to settle down in her new hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Her bookstore is holding its own, and she's got a few friends—even though they are certifiable weirdos, and one of them might be Bigfoot.

However, her parents can't stop meddling in her love life, her boss at the local paper keeps assigning her the less-than-prime news stories, and her nefarious chicken keeps disappearing to lord knows where.

Even though her life is completely different now, Beverley still feels restless and thinks she might need a plan. Not just any plan, but a Life Plan. Because aren't you supposed to have one? Aren't you supposed to know your one, three, and five-year plan, complete with action steps and vision board? She doesn't have those things. So what hasn't she figured out that everyone else seems to know?

Join our quirky heroine on her latest midlife journey as she navigates dating missteps, mysterious sheriffs, senior citizen love triangles, anarchistic chickens, and the mystery of the missing sheep!

Life can't always be planned out, and we may not always find our path right away. But that doesn't mean you can't have a whole lot of fun figuring it out.

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A Delightful Read

"I have thoroughly enjoyed all three Beverly Green installments. The authors inner voice is clear and her easygoing manner reflects her appreciation and depiction of local color. Her developing story line is tight and the elements of suspense and anticipation make the reader want to know what's next..."

Truly a Fun Read, I Recommend it Highly

"Andrea Neil captures the concerns of her generation with humor, honesty, and imagination. The characters are relatable and well-drawn, yet with room for us, the readers, to fill in - or expand - the experience."

Seven Stars

"Just loving this series. Main character is quirky, funny and very real. The story line is oddball enough that I can't put it down. Waiting for the next one."

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September 3
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