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Beverley Green is ready for her first Christmas in Guthrie…or is she?

Guthrie might be a small town, but the way it celebrates Christmas is a very big deal.

Beverley thinks she's ready for everything the town—and her quirky friends and family—can throw at her, but boy is she wrong!

Rather than sitting back and enjoying the festivities, she must figure out how to keep her new bookstore thriving and she runs into some unexpected challenges. Will her nefarious chicken, who has a bad case of wanderlust, ever come home to roost? Will her niece and nephew survive three weeks in her care? (Her former houseplants are worried). Will a cute little turtle named after a fictional Scottish detective be the key to everything?

If standing up to Sasquatch has taught her anything, it's to hold your head high, and keep some Hostess cupcakes on hand.

Let's hope Beverley can survive her latest case of existential angst in time to stand under the mistletoe…

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Beverley Green's First Territorial Christmas

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The Guthrie Short Stories


Lighthearted Story, Leaves You Feeling Happy

"The First Territorial Christmas was a joy to read. A short novel that pulls you in immediately, just like the authors first novel Sasquatch Hunter. They are easy to read and transport you back to a small town where you are part of the community."


"What a great Christmas read! Truly a fun time in Guthrie with Beverley and her friends and family. And is there really a romance brewing...?"

A Heartwarming Christmas Read

"Beverly Green overcomes challenges with style and sass, makes friends, and begins weaving her eccentric self into the eccentric, lovable tapestry of Guthrie. A seasonal must-read!"

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November 20
1631 Press, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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