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Lookout, lookout, there's a prowler about! A wolf in sheep's clothing...
This is a timely book as the hunters go out to capture precious souls and in particular that soul of yours (the real you) and the souls of your family.

Eternity has only two ultimate destinations. One is heaven and the other is hell. Whilst the proponents of contrary to scriptural teachings like Mormons, Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints and Jehovah's Witnesses are quite sincere and mean well what they are teaching with their "Book of Mormon" and "New World Translation" totally contradicts what's at the heart of God's word the Bible.

They teach about a different Jesus. The Mormons teach that their Jesus is brother or half brother to Lucifer or as we know him also by the "Devil! They teach that Almighty God was a man and ascended to godhood. That is a blasphemy against the Almighty God.

Jehovah's Witness teach that Jesus was created when the Holy Bible clearly teaches that He always existed with the Almighty since the beginning. They also relegate Jesus as to being a god, as if He was one of many. There is so much more in their contradictory to scripture which is not worthy of mention never mind studying.

There is the Spirit of Truth (God;s Holy Spirit) which leads into all truth. There is also the "spirit of error" lying or promoting doctrine contrary to God's word which is truth

Truth fortifies the immune system. Lies or words contrary to truth have the opposite effect and can pollute and poison individuals like you the reader and families and is beneficial to all of humankind.

We are clearly directed from God's word that anyone who preaches, promotes or tries to indoctrinate by preaching another Jesus other than the Jesus of the Holy Bible is accursed, should not be listed to and most emphatically should not be invited into your home at any cost.

If a suicide murder bomber came to your door seeking access to your domain, mind and family would you let them in? If you knew what they were about, there is no way any sensible and responsible person would entertain them.

However religious peddlers with false and lying doctrines can do much greater damage than the suicide bombers. They can rob you of a secure eternity forever with your caring, loving Almighty God and His family (people just like you and I)and instead as "blind leaders of the blind" will lead you into a ditch and ultimately to hell

This may sound harsh to you now especially if you are a religious peddler. However I'd rather you were annoyed right now and had a change of mind for the good by repenting and turning to the Almighty God, the True Jesus and the unadulterated word of God than calling out from the eternal torment of hell saying "Why didn't you warn us"!

Discover in this book how to avoid hell and secure your rightful and good foreverness!

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February 23
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