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Daily reflection books have been part of Twelve Step culture since the 1950s. Today of the 800,000 daily devotionals bough each year, there are specialty books for women, codependents, men, young people and beginners. Beyond Belief is the first that is written to include skeptics, humanists, atheists and agnostics. Nonbelievers are the fastest growth demographic of faith according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. It is time nonbelievers were included in the addiction/recovery discussion. Beyond Belief meets this previously unmet need, one day at a time.

Every daily reflection in Beyond Belief starts with a quote. The source may be a philosopher, writer, psychologist, addiction/recovery professional, comedian, historical figure or member of the Twelve Step community—past or present. Author Joe C. challenges readers to reflect on their own biases and fears about change, addiction and recovery. Skepticism, courage and open-mindedness are essential to vibrant, relevant fellowships. The alternative is reification, rigidity and ultimately, extinction. Our founders didn't ask us to canonize their memory and preserve their words as the alpha and omega of recovery. They conceded that they knew but a little and that more would be revealed. They urged us to prepare our fellowship for tomorrow's newcomer, never fearing needed change. Joe C has met this challenge.

The recovery journey has ebbs and flows and every recovering addict can expect their values and outlook to change with time. Beyond Belief doesn't treat doubt or atheism as either a handicap or a higher plane. The Twelve & Twelve community is about unity, not uniformity. There is room for everyone and everyone deserves to speak their truth candidly. We are a mosaic, not a melting. For 365 days of the year Beyond Belief draws upon classic philosophy to pop-culture to create a truly 21st century daily reflection book for everyone.

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January 11
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Dudekahuna ,

Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life

EXCELLENT daily meditation book filled with thought provoking passages and objective meditations, Would recccomend this book to anyone whether you’re in a 12 Step program or just looking for a daily meditation source,

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