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Together, we are here to create a whole new world—for ourselves, inside our hearts; for the planet and the people. But it starts with you. To create a new world you must heal your emotional wounds and past trauma, and find your purpose. You must let go of expectations before you can understand what it means to be of service to the world. Together, we will take a journey—the Inner Journey. The most valuable, beautiful, rewarding journey you could ever make to the inner peace, love, and happiness you came to experience. A way out of the traps of society and cultural filters. A way out of depression, stress or anxiety. A way to let go of the deepest-rooted fears that keep you stuck in place.

Health, Mind & Body
May 1
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Customer Reviews

H.A.99 ,

“Upholding the true covenant of tolerance, in tough times, is the definitive doorway to heaven.”

By compiling the most significant topics of our time all in one book, A.A. Lotfy captures true meaning behind the abstract in a quest to display how religion and science go hand in hand. The author takes us on a journey through the realms of quantum physics, consciousness, spirituality, the unconscious and self-realization. Exploring and obtaining well-rounded findings, Lotfy seamlessly sews together all the pieces, like they are the very fabrics of the universe. Quite exceptionally though, this book does not just focus on the external; this piece of writing hones so much zest, it is as though the words glow up, and illuminate the darkest corners of the reader’s own mind. This ultimately leads to gaining the most vital kind of knowledge — self awareness. We are taught to strip ourselves from egotistical mindsets and cultural programming, and taste pure freedom in unison with each other. This self help book is far from ordinary, and will leave the reader educated, enlightened, reflective and most probably itching for a yoga session. You will witness the ugly truth with no sugar coating whatsoever, but the author manages to instill the raw information in quite a digestible form.

So I invite you to read this unputdownable book with open arms, but more importantly an open heart. You are opening the door to finding your purpose, and together we are on a mission to spread love, awareness and gratitude.

“We are only limited by what the mind is capable of imagining. There is a world beyond our reach that confounds our understanding of the universe. So, let’s not limit our beliefs to what was ordained to us and realize that all that we know is a fragment of boundless potentialities.”