Beyond the Sea

Annie's Journey into the Extraordinary

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Reduced to a state of grief and loss of direction, Annie Harrison is offered an opportunity to board her grandfather's lavish sailing vessel, the Porto Banus, in Marbella, Spain, and begin an international adventure to restore her confidence and sense of balance. Along the way, Annie encounters two dashing suitors, a brave and romantic Spanish matador and a mesmerizing and generous Moroccan businessman. Her gifted ability to mesh architectural style with layers of historical elements is enhanced by the places she visits, and her inner horizons are expanded by the new friends she makes. However, intrigue surfaces with the reappearance of her father, serving in the British secret service, after two years missing, and Annie questions who she can trust to save her father. And to find true happiness, Annie must learn to conquer her fear. The story is so fabulous, found myself crying and laughing during various points in the story! It's so awesome to be able to see pictures of the actual people who were written about in the story! Nina, keep them coming! -Craig Williams I highly recommend this book. I was privileged to be one of the first to read this book when it was in it infancy. Only getting a few chapters at a time as they were being written all I could say was more, more, more... I was so caught up in the travel, the culture, romance and mystery. I felt like I was on the journey experiencing each country, food, and fashion with Annie. Now that it has all come together it is an amazing book filled with inspiration. Can't wait to have the finished book in hand and a sequel! -Bonnie Lins "Beyond the Sea" by Nina Purtee is a must read! It is a novel full of travel, adventure, friendship, romance and choices! I was amazed by the beautiful places Annie travels to, the friends she makes along her journey and the many different cultures she experiences. Nina's writing is influenced by her own love of travel and adventure. Her writing style is so descriptive I felt like I was right there with Annie enjoying a fabulous dinner, sightseeing or giggling with her while shopping in Paris! I found myself swept away in the excitement of Annie's journey and I can't wait for the sequel so I can find out what happens next! -Lisa Dunn Nina Purtee's novel "Beyond the Sea" is written in such a manner and style of descriptiveness and detail that it makes the reader feel as if they're actually right there experiencing it and not just reading it. You'll find many twists and turns as you turn the pages, all of which will keep you captivated that you will not want interruptions that would delay you from finding out what is next going to happen. I'm truly hoping Nina will write a sequel to this novel and look forward to reading all of her books in the future. -Michele Ryder Nina Purtee's passion for travel is what makes her novel so moving. It is a captivating blend of romance, travel, personal growth, intrigue and more. I'm excited to see its official publication in February 2023. -Ana Hernandez "Beyond the Sea" is such a wonderful adventure, so beautifully written by Nina Purtee. As I read along, I feel like I am traveling with Annie to exotic destinations and joining her in her love of life and adventure. The mix of new destinations, friends, beautiful scenery and history, love of sailing, and the excitement, with such fun characters make us feel we are part of her journey. Looking forward for the adventure to continue and for more books to enjoy. -Mickie Schuerger The book is exciting, heart wrenching, action packed, and adventurous. It makes you have empathy and fall in love with the characters from the start. It is vividly descriptive creating imagery awakening all your senses while reading. I would love to follow Annie's path of travels even though I felt like I was there. -Charlotte Kennedy

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