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God's plan is to not only set people on the right course in life while they may still be able to do this, but to explain in detail why so many things that will actually transpire here on the Earth Star planet, is not information that many people are aware of. It is a "last ditch effort" to help people to turn around and confront the illusions they have allowed to be created here. God discusses the Earth changes, the necessity of His not issuing permission for interventions by Himself or others of His Children, and what we can all do to form a unified consciousness, a unified gathering of Souls, while people are still in incarnate state. Throughout most of this book God is very serious and at times very stern. Yet the relevancy of His writings can not be denied; they can not be treated as anything but the ultimate truths. Those who believe that "the truth will set you free" will have their hands full with the honesty and the reality of God's words. This book contains information God transmitted to Celestial (Celest) Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus. The experience of receiving the words of God and writing this book was almost an overwhelming event. God had much to say about everything that He considered to be timely and pertinent information for all of humanity. The fact that you have signed up to learn more about this, is to us, worth all the heartwarming moments that we experience when we see that people are beginning to understand, as well as the hardships and sadness we ourselves have experienced during our own Earth Star walk here. We were and are overjoyed to be the receivers of this information. This is a time when the Human race needs His loving advice and wisdom. This is not a "religious" text, it is Universal. As you read His words you will feel a sense of your true Oneness with God and His Soul integration with you. This book is intentionally unedited. ~In Loving Service to Humanity, Celestial and David~ My Epiphanies (Chapters) Thee, Myself and I The Chosen Ones Care Taker Responsibility My Macrocosmic Vision My Visionaries NESARA Perspectives The Human Factor I AM - Yes, I am as old as the Creation yet I am not as old as The Creator. Each of us who are Gods and Goddesses are the overseers of our respective Universes. We work in tandem with The Creator and the rest of Creation to bring into manifestation new expressions of Ourselves. We work with each of you, with each life form that exists in all the Universes, to further augment your ultimate goal, which is the reunification of yourself as Soul, to be as ONE with each of Us. Ultimately the result will be the reunion of all of Us with The Creator. The New Book of Revelations - Well, this is a telling moment, right? Think of this letter in particular not so much as show and tell, rather consider it to be an exploration of "Truths Untold." I am not writing this letter, nor any of My letters in this book, to appease anyone or to pander to anyone's misrepresentations of the truth. Thy Will be Done Quantum Interference Prevailing conditions - Ok, this is where I suggest that you buckle up your seat belt and put on a hardhat. Things are going to get rough. I am well aware that everyone wants changes to be made, but they want them to be effortless and painless. Sometimes this is an easy task to accomplish, other times it is not. This writing is crucial to your understanding what is taking place and what will take place, as well as those things and events that can or may take place. It is because We have so much at stake here that I decided to just "let it all hang out." The Diversity of the Human Spirit Luminosity The Coming of age of Collective Consciousness A Celestial Tribute The Beginning - It was with each of you in mind that I sought to find the words to express MySelf adequately and as simply as possible. I too have awaited "so many timelines;" these have long been your words for the gathering together of gridline intersections.

March 14
Celestial Blue Star
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