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Sometimes a story has more than two sides—this one, for example.  When both sides in an intergalactic civil war believe that the other side is committing terrorist acts, only one thing is certain: both sides are wrong.  The truth lies beyond the veil.

When two civilians and a space station engineer discover who destroyed the starship Hrabrost, they must find each other and find help before the killers find them.  Only by working together with Admiral Jenkins and his daughter, Amanda, can they stop the killers before they destroy the Terran Alliance from the inside.

From mechlizards to anthropoveils, from political asylum to the insane asylum, this book peels away another layer of the onion-like story first told by the first two books in the series, Traitors In Waiting and Enemies From Within.

Intricately woven around the previous stories, this book tells a new tale that will leave you reinterpreting everything you have read so far.

        Klern waited in the short hall that led to a maintenance tube along the outer perimeter of the landing pad—a tube that, in turn, led to the port weapons battery.

        Klern brandished the machete, running his finger gently along the length of the blade, carefully checking its sharpness without drawing blood.  The trap was set and baited, his breath bated, his bloodlust nearly sated.

        It would only be a matter of time before Pierre came around the corner.  Klern could hear his footsteps in the distance.

        Yes.  Yes, he thought.  Come closer.  Closer.  It will all be over soon.

When worlds collide, only two things are certain: everything you thought you knew is wrong, and the people you thought you knew are no longer who they appear to be.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 1
Gatwood Publishing
David Gatwood

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