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Beyond Wilder is the second book of the Wilder series and a continuation of the cliffhanger in Living Wilder.


Armed with tactical combat skills and plagued with control issues, Mercy Ingalls ignores her sister’s order to stand down and follows her to the one place she swore she would never return. The Center. The place where she became a neurologically enhanced artistic genius, creating detailed replicas of some of the world’s masterpieces. And the place where she was trained to fight.

Trevor Forrest, an operative for a clandestine security organization, has been attempting to infiltrate the Center and rescue his daughter. Each time he finds himself agonizingly close to his objective, a calculating, tactically trained genius, continues to thwart his efforts, unaware of the high price if he were to fail. 

Find out who wins this combat of wills in a story that will take you on one wild ride.

June 28
Tudor Publishing LLC
Leigh Tudor

Customer Reviews

Intel Chicky Reads Romance ,

Great Continuation of series!!

Beyond Wilder is the second book in Leigh Tudor’s Wilder series. You would definitely be lost if you tried to pick up in book two. Go back, read book one, and then pick this one up. The story is written in the 3rd person from multiple perspectives. Living Wilder was primarily from Mercy and Alec’s perspective, but Beyond Wilder is mostly told from the perspective of Mercy and Alec. There are spoilers for book one contained in the review below, so proceed with caution.

Beyond Wilder picks up on the cliffhanger in Living Wilder. Ava (Loren) is being carted back to the Center and her sister, Mara (Mercy) is trying to figure out 1) why Alec screwed her sister 2) how the heck she’s going to get her sister back from the Center. Meanwhile Alec’s partner, Trevor Forrest, who works with him has been looking for his own way into the Center to find his missing daughter.

Ughhhhhhh!! These books are just too freakin’ good! They’re killing me. The last book ended on a major cliffhanger I totally didn’t see coming until it was too late. This series broke all my rules (about reading books with cliffhangers, lol) and I’m SOOO glad I read it anyway!! You would never know this is only the second book by this new author. The writing is fantastic! It’s super smart and witty and the internal and external dialogue will have you in tears from laughing. It’s a tad be slower in the beginning of the book, but definitely not so much that it makes you lose interest. The thing that hooked me in this series SO fast was the storyline. Super original, slightly fantastical, and with tons of turns you never see coming.

The character development in this book is just phenomenal! Mercy is awesome! She’s super smart, but has that same lack of understanding societal norms her sister does, resulting in her saying super crazy things that will crack you up. Trevor is fascinated by her. He finds her “too" everything. Too loud. Too arrogant. Just too much for him to handle, but just too tempting for Alec to stay away. For his part, Alec is so sweet and so determined to do whatever he needs to for his daughter. His attraction to Mercy can’t be stopped and when a “fake relationship” between the two supports a means to an end, it becomes quickly evident that real feelings, rather than fake, are involved. I cannot wait for book 3 to come out!!

Story: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Trope: Enemies to Lovers
Angst: 2 on angstometer
Smexy: 3 smoking fires
Triggers: none

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