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Why would you read yet another book on leadership? While writing this book I asked my long-time friend, the late Dr. George Steiner to critique it. After reading the first half of the book he said “This is really a fresh book”. So just maybe there is something in this book that makes it unlike any other leadership book you might have read before. I hope this book will encourage people to examine their assumptions (beliefs) about leadership and about people in general. Fair warning… this book is based on the hypothesis that people want to do well, make a contribution, and be a productive part of the organization. Doing something meaningful is more fun (and fulfilling) than clogging up the works, but it takes true leadership to pave the way. This book examines some of the roadblocks we (intentionally or otherwise) put in their way, it looks at the generational effect on decision making, and the weakness of reductive thinking… the “if I fix this one thing all will be well” fallacy.

From some who have read it…

Vijay Govindarajan

Coxe Distinguished Professor at Tuck at Dartmouth & Marvin Bower Fellow at Harvard Business School

Beyond Zero Sum Leadership is a refreshing and enlightening book. It is not just a book on leadership but a thoughtful and compelling read on how to navigate today’s continually changing economic climate. Gordon Peters has provided a masterpiece for not only developing leaders but also building businesses and preserving free enterprise.

Chip R. Bell, author of Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service.

Great leadership is a never-ending journey of discovery, experience and insight.  Gordon Peters has brought us amazing insights from his fascinating personal journey and rich professional experience.  As a life-long learner with an astute sense of history and a keen eye for wisdom, his story is as instructive as it is inspirational.  Beyond Zero Sum Leadership is more than a practical ‘what and how’ leadership book; it is a reflective ‘why’ leadership book.


Ed Foreman, D.LIT, BSCE

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

U. S. Congressman (Rtd.)

Texas and New Mexico

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your new book, Beyond Zero Sum Leadership, is undoubtedly the most profound, knowledgeable dissertation on developing leadership, building businesses, preserving free-enterprise, and saving America that has been written in years...perhaps, ever!  You nailed it...crisp, clear, concise, documented, understandable and timely!

Professor Iris Firstenberg, UCLA Anderson School

Gordon Peters shares his insights on leadership from a unique vantage point in executive education.  The Institute for Management Studies that he conceived, founded, and heads is an exemplary model of leadership done right. This book distills his decades of experience to help you shape your own opportunities to create value.

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April 13
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