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This is a book to hand to a broken teenager captured by pills, pot, or meth. This is a book for a woman from an abusive background who feels unworthy of love. This is a book to hand to a recovering addict, desperately seeking the strength to fight on a day-to-day basis the cravings of the addiction.

Tough, forceful, and poignant. This is exactly the Bible-study book ministers and Christian counselors have been waiting for! So very many people in the modern world are deeply broken—some are so broken that they refuse to even enter a church. Whether victims of child abuse, neglect, addiction, or sexual exploitation, these broken people, young and old, are crying out for help even as their fierce pride forces them to refuse any help that is offered. When pride is all you have, pride is what you cling too. These broken individuals have lived in hell already, and that fierce, desperate pride kept them alive even as it now blocks their progress.

For those deeply broken people, this book is the answer. It speaks to the brokenness—directly to the heart of the darkness that many broken people feel with each breath, speaking with an authentic, direct message of Jesus’s love and compassion. The Rogue Warriors document at the first of this book grabs the broken reader by the throat and lets those individuals know that many others have been in their situation before and have found help in these pages. The Bible lessons themselves tackle the harshest issues facing people today: fear, frustration, a complete, desperate sense of aloneness, homosexuality, child sex abuse, the problem of evil, contemplations of suicide, overwhelming guilt, dark rage, unforgiving hatred, and the deeply felt need to find peace amid the darkness of one’s lost soul. This book does not mince words, and the most challenging issues facing broken people today are presented and discussed herein using the Bible and, when possible, Jesus’s own words.

The minister or counselor should discuss each lesson with these broken ones, leading them through these pages as the broken grow stronger in their newly-found hope: their faith. Even when they read alone without a counselor, this book can reach broken people. It could be a gift for many. It will be a lifeline for some.

As Christians, we know that Jesus can and does change even the most broken lives. This book, presenting Jesus’s love and compassion, will help him do exactly that.

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February 7
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