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The Bible Studies for Life: Students Daily Discipleship Guide helps each participant engage within group and personal Bible study. The Summer 2019 study focuses on:

Living By Faith: Women Who Trusted God (Unit 1): Faithful women. Faithful God. Faith moves us beyond belief to action, but what does that look like? We see many people in Scripture who put their trust in a God they couldn’t see, and others who trusted the God who became human and lived among us. Throughout Scripture we read stories of these faithful men and women who lived boldly for God. In this study, we’ll meet several godly women with a faith story to share, just as we too have a faith story worth sharing. For the next six weeks, we’ll walk alongside these faithful women whose personal stories demonstrate God’s faithfulness, and we’ll look at what He will do when we trust in Him.

Living a Godly Life in an Ungodly World (Unit 2): Christians can look confidently toward a future with Christ that will be free of the problems and pain we face in this world. But what do we do in the meantime? We live in a world that does nothing to encourage our walk with Christ. In fact, many times the world actively opposes anyone who seeks to live a godly life for Christ, but we can stand strong. In the Old Testament, the life of King Asa shows us how to face life head on, and his example points to the value of focusing on God and living in dependence on Him. By the way he lived, God used King Asa to influence those around him, as well as future generations. Even though we too will face challenges, we can live godly lives.


Thirteen sessions: Thirteen sessions: Two units (Living By Faith: Women Who Trusted God and Living a Godly Life in an Ungodly World).
Strong visuals and a conversational tone—each session is built around one central point.
Powerful discussion questions, reflective activities, and interactive opportunities throughout help students understand and connect with God’s Word.
Christ, Community, and Culture Live It Out that encourages students to live out God's Word personally, as a group, and in their community.
Five days of short devotionals to keep students engaged in God’s Word throughout the week.

Great for Sunday school classes, home groups, table groups, or any small group format.

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February 1
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