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The Bible Studies for Life: Students Leader Guide - NIV (eBook) helps leaders guide participants to engage in group and personal Bible study. The Summer 2018 study focuses on:

Why Are We Here? (Unit 1): Many of us live day to day without considering some really important questions about life. We are so busy going through the motions of our daily routines, we never slow down to ask, “Why am I even here?” People with a completely secular worldview believe we are here by mere chance, but the truth is God designed and created us with a purpose. When we discover God’s intent for our lives, we move from merely existing to truly living—living for His purpose.

Nehemiah: Building a Life of Service (Unit 2): If we look around, it’s easy to see that problems surround us. Certain needs stand out and grab our attention. We feel like we should step in and help out, but we often don’t know how. When we see people around us suffering from the brokenness caused by sin, the place to start is by looking to God. God is inviting us to pray, He is calling us to plan, and we can trust He’ll empower us to act.


13 studies: 2 six-week studies (Why Are We Here? and Nehemiah: Building a Life of Service) and one bonus session (Sharing: An Obedient Response to a Generous God ) teaching students that every circumstance is an opportunity to trust and thank God no matter what it is
An easy-to-follow plan to facilitate group study and discussion
Commentary to help the leader understand the Bible passage being studied

Great for Sunday School classes and small groups.

Purchase one per leader.

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January 15
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