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Volume 20 is a continuation of Volume 19. It covers news articles from 7/7 of 2014 that were cited in the previous volume on 7/6 of 2014. It covers the Fair Use of Copyright Law and the 4th Dimension by Hermann Minkowski. It also discusses the story of "Twin Peaks" and how it links to "Lone Ranger." This was a really good volume because it shows how the number tags discussed in Volume 19 regarding Roger Ebert born 6/18 surfaced in 2 main page news articles that were witnessed by the public eye of the media. I've staked the claim that you'll see number tags I print surface in the news feed 24 to 48 hours later. I include an explanation of how you can Psychic Sorcery in the Information and Technology Age. Calcium 1 citse the French Potassium/Podium Girl incident. It also cites the 6/18 calendar date of Roger Ebert witnessed in a pop-up ball hit Jason Castro of the Houston Astros that was caught by the pitcher. Calcium 2 is regarding Russ Tamblyn as the therapist of Laura Palmer on "Twin Peaks" because a news article surfaced on 7/7 of 2014 reporting the house used in the television show was for sale. It links to Ray Wise's character Leland as the father. Chapter 3 is regarding the Miami Heat with LeBron James and how Danny Granger has been signed on. Chapter 1 is regarding the Alphabet cited in "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls as encrypted information. Chapter 2 is about Miss Universe getting engaged. Chapter 3 is about a pod of dolphins seen on 2/18 of 2013. Chapter 4 is about Christopher Knight vs. Christopher Daniel Barnes. Chapter 5 is regarding the North Korean Video about the U.S. Chapter 6 is regarding a rain of fire seen on the Sun. Chapter 7 is regarding "DJesus Unchained" and "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder. Chapter 8 is about the "Save the Citizen" theme in the movie "Sky High." Chapter 9 is about the Superhero Academy. Chapter 10 is the theme of a Hero vs. a Sidekick. Chapter 11 is about Royal Pain and the symbolism of the Pacifier weapon that reduces people's age. Chapter 12 is about "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors. Chapter 13 is about the song "Land Down Under" by Men at Work. Chapter 14 is about how to develop a relationship with the Sun and Earth. Calcium 4 is the wrap-up of news articles.

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July 7
Rod Island
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