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This Billionaire's package is HUGE! The first 9 books of Sage Reamen's bestselling Seduced by my Billionaire Bosses series, together for the first time for only 9.99! 

This big collection contains 50,000 words of workplace seduction, double penetration, dominant and powerful men, public sex, oral, anal, spitroasting, public sex, and much more!  

1. Trapped in the Elevator

After Coraline finds herself trapped in an elevator along with the Partners of the multi-billion-dollar law firm for which she works, she quickly discovers there's nowhere to hide when the dominant, suave Nathan Harding and towering, muscular David Longfellow set their sights on the vulnerable young employee.

2. Tied up at the Office

Lisa's always had a crush on the billionaire twin bosses who run her company, and one night she finds herself alone at the office with the rugged Michael and stern Richard. The brothers are used to getting what they want - and Lisa quickly discovers that this time, she's the prize! 

3. Sexual Performance Review

When Shannon is summoned for a surprise performance review after hours, she's ready to face down her intimidating and fabulously wealthy CEO in his high-rise office suite. What she hadn't counted on was having to deal with his gorgeous and charming European partner as well - especially when the two handsome men make it clear they intend to review more than just her performance in the workplace.

4. Stuck in Traffic

Kaley Laine has always been intimidated by the billionaire partners of the Pyre and Rockwell law firm, so when she's invited along for a private limo ride with the her two gorgeous bosses, she's not sure how to say no.  

When rush hour traffic leads to a gridlock, things quickly get steamy as the two men turn their attentions to their captive (and willing) prey... all while the downtown crowd looks on.

5. Cornered in the Stairwell

When Melinda sneaks off for a short break at work, she finds herself cornered in the stairwell by James and Mark, the rich, handsome bankers for whom she works. She quickly discovers there's no escape from their attentions, as the dominant, powerful men set their sights on the vulnerable young employee. 

6. Corporate Retreat Cheat

Young Casey can't seem to get the billionaire brothers Derek and Brandon out of her head - even when things get steamy between her and her loving husband, Rick. When her powerful and handsome bosses invite her along on a corporate retreat, things quickly spiral out of control as sexual tension and hidden desire flare between Casey and the two older men. But will Casey succumbs to her passions? 

7. Power Outage After Hours

Rachel has been putting in long hours at work toward a coveted promotion when she finds herself after hours during a violent thunderstorm. She's just closed a major account when the power flickers out, leaving her alone in the dark with the two handsome, charming vice presidents of the company.

Before long, Rachel is being attended to in more ways than one by the confident men as the thrilling storm rages right outside the penthouse office windows.

8. Playing the Sexy Secretary

Lana is a professional, hard-working woman in a successful law firm, with two powerful, attractive bosses she has fantasized about on more than one occasion. When the handsome playboy of the pair, Alec Jamison, unexpectedly begins to seduce her, they’re interrupted by her bigger crush, the serious Michael Stein.

9. Submitting to her Rich Patrons

Annabella Ryder is a talented artist who thinks she’s gotten her big break when two wealthy, handsome patrons show unexpected interest in her work.. but only if she agrees to become their personal sex slave!

Fiction & Literature
July 8
Sage Reamen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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