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I was finally fulfilling my life-long dream of studying at Oxford University in England. I had a thesis. I had an apartment. The one thing I didn’t have was time for a man. Especially not one as sexy and intriguing and distracting as Ian Stirling. Okay, I mean, maybe I did have a little time for a man. After all, it’s not every day a ripped British sex-god sweeps you off your feet and does dirty, delicious things to you. 

Again and again. And again.

For days. 

The problem is, Ian was just supposed to be a hunky distraction, but now my heart is craving him like my mouth craves cupcakes.

April 16
Seth Clarke
Seth Clarke

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Ian Stirling teaches Nina Herrera...

REVIEW: Big Love Abroad by Jacinda Wilder.

Free flowing tears gush down my cheeks as I just finished the last page of this book. I am so tremendously overcome with emotion and my heart is so filled with love and admiration knowing that Ian literally saved Nina from herself and Nina in turn saved Ian from his heartbroken past. I have read literally thousands of books in numerous genres and Big Love Abroad by Jacinda Wilder is by far one of the best written books I have ever read in my life where I was so emotionally and psychologically consumed with peace and the true meaning of unconditional love at the end.
From love at first touch on the long flight to England, to confusion, self denial, Ian's heartbreak and loss again since his one year stint with Jaime in Jacinda Wilder's Rock Stars series, to Nina's attempt at moving on, even to Nina's moral obligation to do what's right with Lucas' gift of a first edition Jane Austen book, Big Love Abroad kept me on my toes with what was coming next. The seductive natures and scenes of all three involved was well written and extremely engaging. Throughout the entire book I believed I was physically there with each character living their emotions, love and turmoil. NO author can claim more of a positive review from one of their readers than that. My hat is off to Jacinda Wilder for giving me the courage to really feel and live life through someone else's eyes in this riveting page-turner.

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